Well, we did it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's right, I'm a married woman now. I never really thought it would happen, but it did. Tate and I were married Saturday at Cooper Vineyards and it was a great day.

I woke up early that day knowing I still had things to do and finish for the wedding, and with Tate's parent's staying with us (yes, that's right) I knew bathroom time was going to be precious. So getting my stuff together, I managed to put my bouquet together. Just a simple bunch of red roses that I wrapped with white ribbon and pinned down the center with pearl topped pins. It looked very nice and (almost) professional. :)

I was told to be there about an hour early to make sure all was well, and knowing my friends, I could have slept in a bit longer and taken our time, because we were about an hour and a half early and we had some rather late comers. But when you're at a winery, what do you do when you have to wait? That's right. Drink!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, even though Emiley, Patty and Larry were over an hour late with the food and Larry was the one to perform the ceremony. I wasn't stressed or nervous or anything and just kept visiting with everyone. I had a wonderful day with my friends and family and met new family of my own. That day was the first time I had me Tate's brother and his family, and given that they live here in town with us, that was something bizarre.

Even though the weather was a bit more humid than I would have liked, our cake stayed perfect and it looked awesome! Thank you to Corrie & Orrie for the fab tiki cake!

Also, I have to say that the coasters I made from many, many wine corks turned out pretty amazing and people seemed to like them.

And, how could I not be in love with someone who looks at me like this.

All in all it was a wonderful day that I will never forget and even the clouds seemed to approve of it by looking like a dove right behind us from where the ceremony was. Pretty amazing!

And it wasn't until today that I really felt "married." Today we went to the County clerk's office to file our license and as we were walking out, it just kind of hit us that it's official and we're married.

Big Update

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The big update of the day is that Tate and I have decided to get married! We have been talking about it for a while but could never decide on what we wanted, or if it was the right time, blah, blah, blah. But then it came to me... what about getting married at one of the vineyards that we like up at Apple Hill?? We could have a small ceremony with just our closest friends and family, then hang out, drink wine and eat yummies. Very simple and easy and just perfect for us. Tate agreed and the planning began.

As the planning went on, I discovered that the winery we wanted to go to, Lava Cap Vineyards, was going to be too small. The guest list had gotten up to about 25 people and I didn't think we could be too comfortable there. I was chatting with Emiley about it and she suggested Cooper Vineyards in Plymouth. Her friend Chrissy is one of the owners and said she'd love to have us! Perfect!!

Tate and I made the trip to Cooper last Friday to check it out. We pulled up to the winery and were awestruck at how pretty it is and with all the space. We went inside and were happy to see a nice big area inside in case there is bad weather. We began tasting the wines and the guy behind the bar just happened to be the wine maker for Cooper Wines. The girl who was supposed to be there had to leave on a family emergency, so he got the job of pouring for the visitors that day. As he and Tate were talking, they realized that they know each other. Tate was in a band with Mike (the wine maker) about 12 years ago! What a shock that was. It was such a trip to see them finally figure out why the other looked so familiar. The rest of the tasting was mixed with stories back and forth from the two guys. When we finished the tasting and realized that we really liked all of their wines, we decided to take some pictures of the place so we could plan better and have a walk around. Chrissy was due any minute and I wanted to say 'hi'.

We walked around and just fell more in love with the vineyard, it has the perfect place that we can do the ceremony at, and plenty of room to sit and enjoy the afternoon and let the kids run around. We headed back inside and Chrissy showed up a few minutes later. We were able to briefly chat before it got real busy and we had to leave. On our way up to the vineyard, I was worried about the long drive there, but once we were there and enjoying everything, plus knowing Chrissy and Tate knowing Mike, we knew it was the right place.

So, now here's where it gets a little more weird. I get a call from Lisa on Sunday. She saw the evites that I sent out and was wondering what made us choose this vineyard. I had told her we were planning on going to Lava Cap so she was confused when she saw the new vineyard. I told her the story and she just chuckled and said; "I asked because I grew up with the Cooper girls and my mom is a good friend of Dick's (the father)" Well, that just blew me away. With so many connections to this winery, it is fate and brings that personalization to our wedding that not everyone gets to have with their venue.

So that's it, folks. The date is set for October 17th. Our rings arrived yesterday, the vows have been written, we are being married by Larry and have an appointment for the license next Friday. I have wonderful friends that have designated themselves for certain jobs without me even asking and everything is coming along. Tate and I need to find our clothes for the wedding and that's about it. No big decisions have to be made, no fights, no stress, just a great day being planned. My biggest worry was solved today when Corrie told me she was able to get her final exam re-scheduled from it's original time of 1:30p that day to two days earlier! Now knowing that she is not going to miss anything or have to miss it all together, I can breathe easy and just count down the days.

The Canning Monster

Monday, August 24, 2009

I have an addiction and it's called canning. I've been canning up a storm this Summer from fruit jams to specialty jellies, dips and sauces, I've done a lot! It started with finding strawberries, black berries and raspberries at the 99c store. That made me triple berry jam, next was a Thai Hot and Sweet dipping sauce. Then there was the chocolate raspberry sauce, strawberry jam, red wine jelly, berry wine jelly, tomatoes, jalapeño jelly, and pears. I have plenty of stuff to give as Christmas gifts around the office and pass on to friends and family. Tate and I have been enjoying the different sauces and dips, and I am just keeping my eyes peeled for the next item to can! I'm thinking the Oktoberfest beer mustard I saw in my canning book is going to be the next one to try!!!

The canning shelf in the pantry before it got full!

mmmm.... Chocolate!

That's right, I said chocolate. Friday was my day off, and I was left home alone since Tate was off volunteering at the Bicycle Kitchen. I decided to make the most of my day by doing house work. I started the day with vacuuming the floors then was going to dust. Well, the floors got vacuumed, but when I thought about my next project, I just couldn't find the willpower. I admitted to myself that cleaning the house was the last thing I wanted to do. So, the decision was made, I hopped on my bike and headed over to my local Ace Hardware store. I had just enough cash on me to buy a gallon of paint from a sample that we had gotten a few months before and a couple spare keys made.

Home again, I spent then next couple hours painting our hallway a lovely chocolate brown. It's a beautiful color that actually makes the hallway feel bigger than it is, and the paint even smelled like chocolate! By the time Tate came home, I was doing my final touches to the trim and checking out my work. To top it all off, I even made a custom light switch cover to make the wall really pop! Tate has promised to paint the ceiling and put the baseboards in. We are still discussing what to do with the cabinets, but at least the walls are pretty and we are both happy!

Busy, Busy, and then more Busy Weekend

Monday, July 27, 2009

I think I need another weekend just to recover from this last one! Friday I went to Woodland about 10:15a to go pick tomatoes, then had to pick Sierra up at the clinic from Lydia. We headed back to Sac to drop the tomatoes off at my house, then off to lunch and pottery painting. We had a ton of fun painting then had to rush out of there and back to my house to get Tate, who wasn't home and missed the boat because we had to be in Woodland before 3p so Emiley could get to her class. I picked up Kelsey and we all went over to my mom's for swimming. After swimming, the girls played at my mom's for a while, then Kels was ready to go home, so I dropped her off at Em's and I was home around 7:30p. Needless to say, I was a little pooped by the end of the day and passed out on the couch around 8:30, then was in bed by 9a. I think I was also wore out from my new 9/80 work schedule.

Dogs woke me up about 6:30a Saturday morning, I let them out, but of course couldn't get back to sleep, so I read a bit and after letting them back in and feeding them, I was trying to go back to sleep, but every time I got close, one of them would fart and wake me up because it was so nasty! LOL! I finally got up around 8:45 because I had to get the kitchen cleaned up to can the tomatoes and I knew Corrie would be there at 10a. I had to run to the store to get some lids and something for breakfast, and was back in time to get the tomatoes going before she got there. The next few hours were a blur of tomatoes, skins, steam and just heat. We had lunch at Sammie's and made a trip to Thrift Town when one of the batches was processing. We finished about 4:30p, and being all hot and sweaty, decided to go to Woodland to swim! Getting back to Sac around 7:30, starving for dinner, we went to Sandra D's and ended up waiting about 20 minutes for a table, then it took probably an hour to get our food. Our waitress was really nice about it though and said if we wanted dessert or anything it was on her. So when she came back after we were done, and asked about dessert we said we were too full, but thank you and she said that our meal was on her and thanked us for being so patient, so we got free dinner!! WHOO-HOO!! We finally got home around 9:30 or so and I crashed on the couch and was in bed around 10:30p. Good lord, one more day, can I rest yet?

Up at 7:15a on Sunday, wasn't even sleepy at this point. I let the dogs out into the back yard and went to watch them and play with Woody and his new toy. I ended up getting my camera and taking a video of it because it was so funny! (See below for video) Watched some TV, but was feeling restless at this point because I had been so busy. Around 9:30, I went to check on Tate and he was kind of waking up, so sat and talked to him a bit, then he decided it was time to get up and go do stuff. There were errands to run and stuff to do! Off to 99cent store for fruits and veggies. I found bags of jalapeños and boxes of liquid Certo, so I figured that was fate telling me it was time to do jalapeño jelly. Next was Save Mart for $0.77/lb beef ribs for smoking then to Smart & Final for jars. While at Smart & Final Lisa called and asked what we were up to. Zachary wanted to go to breakfast at Eggies, but Lisa said they can't do that without Aunt Jenny & Tate! So, it was brunch at Eggies. Phew, I'm really tired now! After brunch, got home and made 2 big fruit salads from the 99cent store fruit then started in on the jalapeños. Two hours later, I finally had my jelly done and cooling and I was done and ready to cool. Tate had been running all over the damn house. He fixed the flat tire on my bike, plus polished it up real nice, got the ribs going on the smoker, removed the front porch step, transplanted one of the camellia trees and other general house upkeep. We ended the day with amazing ribs and watched 'Taken'.

So, in summary, I need another weekend to recover!

Hell Week

Monday, July 13, 2009

This past week has been a nightmare. Maggie was missing the entire week, so my time was spent posting missing flyers on craigslist, and going to the city pound in hopes of finding her. I posted flyers in the neighborhood and Tate was doing circles on his bike in hopes of finding her. There were a few phone calls and a couple emails that I appreciated, but were not our girl. In addition to being worried sick about Maggie and wondering if we were ever going to see her again, I had a cold that was draining every last bit out of me. All I wanted to do was sleep, so finally Friday I gave it up and just went to bed when I got home and slept for 2 hours snuggling with Buddy and Woody.

Finally on Saturday morning I got a call around 9am that they had seen her in their backyard. Apparently, this is the same place that saw her when she originally got out on the 4th, but they thought she was gone and hadn't seen her since then. She had been hiding in their backyard in a small hidey-hole and wouldn't come out. I was over there in a flash and once she heard my voice, Maggie came bursting out ever so happy to see me. I was never so relieved in my whole life. She is much skinnier than before, but other than that, she is in good shape and we are so happy to have her home. I was sure to give her a stern lecture, then just kisses, hugs and love!

Now that hell week is over, I begin another form of hell week. I start my new work schedule: 7a-5p. I'm working a 9/80, so I'll have every other Friday off, which until I get used to long days is going to suck, but having those 3 day weekends will be nice.

Flying Times

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Summer is half over and as I look back, we do have some good stuff to show for it. The weekend of the 4th of July, Tate and I traveled to Arizona and met his high school buddy there to spend the weekend on a houseboat on Lake Mohave. Needless to say, 109 degree heat on a fairly un-airconditioned houseboat was a little warm. But day 2 I spent in the lake and that made all the difference. Meeting Mike and his family was a lot of fun. I have to admit that I was nervous about spending a weekend on a small houseboat with 6 other people that I've never met before, but I had chatted with Mike some on Facebook and knew that he was pretty laid back.

Lots of swimming and general lay-about behavior summed up the trip, then Tate and I made our way back to Las Vegas. We decided to take a different road back so we could drive over the Hoover Dam and that was a lot of fun, but then we got to Vegas. *sigh* I wanted to drive the strip since I had never really been to Vegas before and thought we might as well since we had several hours until our flight left. I made the decision about half way down the strip that I really have no desire to come back and "do" Las Vegas. It really isn't my kind of place with all the people and the noise. Driving the strip left a bad taste in my mouth, so we stopped at the "World's biggest gift shop" and had fun just roaming around there looking at all the crap. Then we were hungry so we found the tiniest little Mexican place and had a great lunch. The old rule stands true, if the Mexicans eat there, then it's gotta be good. I don't even think the cashier spoke English, it was that authentic! LOL!

After our early dinner, we headed for the airport to return the car and just wait out the time before our flight left. Well, when we got to the counter to check in, the guy there told us that our flight had been delayed by a half an hour - great! By this time I was so tired that all I wanted to do was just go home and be in bed knowing that I had to be at work the next day. Waiting in the airport, my dislike for Vegas continued. It seemed scuzzy to me and run down. But we waited it out and were home around 11:30p.

Now, coming home was another gem. When we got home, Maggie was no where to be found. We had left our neighbor, Patrick, in charge of the animals and I think he just didn't have the experience with animals that we thought he did. Maggie had gone missing on the 4th and now coming home on the 6th, she was still not home. This sent me into a tizzy of worry and concern. Not to mention that it seemed the boys had been in their kennels all day with no water or time outside to do their business. I was not a happy camper, but knew that I couldn't do anything until the next day and had to get some sleep or I would be a bigger basket case the next day.

Jammin' and Swimmin'

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This morning my friend Salina came over to learn how to make jam. We spent 3 hours making 2 batches of strawberry jam and some raspberry chocolate sauce. It was the first time she and I had been able to just hang out together and it was a lot of fun. We gossiped and told stories the whole time, it made the fact that it was really hot today quite bearable. Then given that it was so hot, we decided to head over to Woodland and jump in my parent's pool. We took the dogs with us and tossed Buddy & Woody in so they could cool off. They ran around the backyard while we had fun in the pool. All in all it was a busy and fun day. Now I'm all sleepy and just want to go snuggle in my bed to dream about tomorrow and the fun I'm going to have at Emiley's canning bar-b-que sauce while Kelsey and Sierra play in the backyard!

Yes, it's been a while...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yes, it has been a while since there has been any updates, but there hasn't been too much going on. Recently, I've been on a canning frenzy. I suppose it's the fact that it's early Summer and there are all sorts of yummy fruits that just call my name. It could also be the awesome canning book I got for my birthday that has these great recipes in it that I just can't resist. Last Saturday when the man and I were out doing our weekly bit of shopping we found great berries at the 99cent store, so I piled in my cart a bunch of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. Of course my first thought is "Triple Berry Jam!"

So, getting out my new canning pot and supplies, I got ready to do my first batch of jam in my new kitchen. Now, last year when I did my jams, I did them in a tiny kitchen with about 2 square feet of workspace and had to add a small table next to the stove to fill the jars. The table had a penchant for collapsing, so that made it even more interesting. Needless to say, I was quite excited to get going and work in my bigger and better kitchen. I not only have one whole side of the kitchen that has a great amount of counter space, but I also have a good work area next to the stove for the actual canning process.

Following my directions and crushing my berries, I was on my way! The berries were cooking, the jars were getting sterilized and I was ready to go!

I followed the recipe and instructions from my book and placed my jars in the pot to process for 10 minutes. After that they were pulled out and set to rest and seal, and I was off to my next conquest. The beauty that I got was this:

I learned that with this cookbook the estimated amount of jars is not always correct as you can see with the semi-filled quart jar. That's the one that got put in the fridge for immediate use, not that I was complaining while I was eating that yummy jam on some of Tate's home made bread!

Now that I had the jam done and under my belt, it was time to tackle something different and new. I was thinking Christmas gifts for the office. So I found a Thai Sweet & Hot dipping sauce. It sounded awesome, and super easy to make. Off to the store I went for more sugar and vinegar. I re-established my love for my stick blender and all of its attachments when the recipe called for a 1/2 cup of chopped garlic. Who really wants to sit there and chop all that garlic? Um, not I. So in the little chopper it goes, a few pulses and out comes all this beautiful chopped garlic. Done and done! 20 minutes later, my dipping sauce is cooked and out of the canner sitting beside my lovely jam. I'm hooked!

Oh, the ideas I have now. I want to do more, more, more!! The recipes are endless! I find recipes for red wine jelly and berry wine jelly, so, yup - got those done one night after work. One more recipe that I found was for a raspberry chocolate sauce that sounds absolutely divine. Saturday morning I wake up early and take myself off to the store in search of raspberries. I paid the price for them at Trader Joe's but I'm a maniac at this point and just don't care. I NEED to make this sauce. It's haunting me in my dreams. I can just imagine all the things I'm going to do with it. I scurry home and get to crushing berries and 40 minutes later after everything is done, I have 9 lovely 1/2 pints sitting on my counter cooling.

Now you're probably asking yourself, there isn't anything more she can possibly do is there? Well yes there is, my friend!! What about jalapeño jelly? That's a great Christmas gift. Or, the cranberry pineapple sauce I made for Thanksgiving? Wouldn't that be scrumptious all done and in a jar, so come Thanksgiving I can just pop it out of it's jar and call it done? Don't forget about the tomatoes that will be ripe soon. Jars and jars of lovely ripe tomatoes ready for soups sauces and more! How about salsas from the tomatoes? Fresh salsa in the winter months already made and yummy. Or the endless amounts of fruits available right now. Why am I sitting here typing when I can be off canning!!!

mmmm.... Sushi....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I got a call yesterday from Lisa and she wanted to know if we wanted to go to sushi with her for dinner. She said it may be a little late because she had to take care of some stuff and would call me later. She finally called around 7:15p and said that it would probably be another hour before she could get out and would understand if we went without her. By that time Tate and I were really hungry and wanted to go. It was at that point that I started chatting with Emiley online via Facebook and she was asking what we were up to. I told her what was going on and she said we could come to Woodland and have sushi with her. I posed the question to Tate and he said "sure".

So, to Woodland we went for unknown sushi. We went to Osaka sushi on Main Street, and it was soooo good. Very different than what we usually get at Crazy Sushi, but very yummy. We were stuffed and couldn't even finish it. It was the first time that we had ever left a sushi place with a take out container - crazy!! In the end it was another great night spent with my long lost bff. Thanks for the fun and the yummy sushi!!

Minor Adjustment

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Had to make some minor adjustments to the limoncello, but it is done and ready now!! It's got a kick and tastes great. Can't wait for the next batch to be ready.

One Week Left

Monday, March 23, 2009

Before I can try the limoncello. I got it bottled on Sunday, so it needs one more week to set up and have the sugar and alcohol meld to perfection. I hope it comes out good.

Birthday Extravaganza

As you all should know, my birthday is coming up. So, in celebration of this all hallowed day, I decided to have a bbq with all of my besties over for fun. Tate agreed to smoke some ribs, and my only request was for people to bring side dishes.

Corrie & Orrie, Lisa & Zachary and Emiley & Kelsey came to have fun and eat and laugh, and that's exactly what we all did. The day was total chaos with me having to go to 3 different stores that morning, go to Woodland to pick up Em & Kels, then also pick up a puppy they had to babysit, and back to Sac. The noise level was crazy in our house between all of the dogs, the kids, people talking and laughing, and just pure fun.

Emiley and Kelsey ended up staying the night and making it a slumber party! By the end of the night, I was tired, drunk and ready for the peace and quiet of my bed, but I had a great time and was happy that I could share the day with my friends. I was bummbed that Jen couldn't make it, but I'll make her pay me back one way or another! LOL!

Friday night fun!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday was designated the day of the doors. Tate and I had got these really nice solid wood French doors off of craigslist several weeks ago, and he said that he was planning on installing them on Friday.

I get home Friday evening after stopping at the store and picking up something for dinner knowing he would be hungry when done with the doors to find that he hasn't even put the doors in yet. There is just a big hole in the family room, and he's drilling into the concrete to put the threshold down. Now, let me first remind everyone that this is an older home (over 50 years to be more precise) and this is swapping out the sliding door in the family room, which is an add on to the house. This being said, floors and walls were found to be not the most level things in the world. So, after many adjustments, trims and wiggles, Tate and his amazing skills were able to get the doors in. I helped when asked and could provide some actual assistance, but mainly I stayed out of his way and just observed with the dogs.

There is still some drywall that needs to be put up, but they work and they are pretty. Now, we don't have to see the workshop from the family room unless we want to!

Tate putting the final touches on the doors.

The pretty new doors.

It's happening one step at a time.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It looks like we are all set to do a major change to the bathroom at the end of the month. We have ordered the new tub and picked out a new surround and faucet to be changed out as well. I leave for OptoWest on Wednesday, April 1st, and return that Sunday, giving Tate 4 days to have the old tub and surround out and the new one in. I know that it will be a rush job for him and I hope he can pull it off in that time. We are both very excited for the new tub because it's a whirlpool tub and much deeper than the one we have.

It will be nice to have another project checked off our list and be able to really focus on the kitchen remodel. We have to finally decide on tile for the floors and start getting the paint off of the shelves then we can really begin! It's so much fun making all these changes and putting our "stamp" on this house!

Zappa Plays Zappa

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last night, Tate and I went to see Zappa Plays Zappa at the crest theater and it was amazing. The basic premise for the show is Dweezil Zappa and his band are playing all of Frank Zappa's music. I have appreciated Frank's music since being introduced to him by Tate, but I have to confess that I have never truly enjoyed the music. Last night, I can truly say that I enjoyed the music and have an even deeper appreciation for his music.

I think my biggest problem, is that listening to Frank Zappa's music is hard to listen to. You have to actually listen to his music, and pay attention. Once you stop paying attention, you lose any enjoyment you were getting out of it, and it turns into noise. But seeing it live, is just something that blows you away. The musicianship of everyone in the band is amazing. They have so much talent and skill that you are just blown away at the everything they are presenting.

All in all, a good night was had, and Tate was finally able to see Zappa in concert!

In da dirt

Tate and I spent the day digging in the dirt out front. Between my obsessive weeding and his skills with a shovel, we got the front garden partially done. Tate unclumped the canna flowers out front and after trimming them, re-planted them as a line along the back of the front garden. We planted a new lime tree out front as well.

I spent the day spray painting the plant stand from the mudroom red to match the door and the trim, potted the new fern we got for the mudroom and weeding the front garden. Tate found mystery bulbs when he was digging out the cannas, so I planted them along the right-side of the garden, and we'll see if they bloom. *fingers crossed*. The next plan is to take all of the iris plants that Tate has in a container, and plant them in a row in the front of the cannas. If everything works out all right, it should be very pretty out front.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So, randomness for this week is this... the old fridge has finally sold on craigslist as of today, the kennel we bought for Woody when we first got him is supposed to go tonight, I have another batch of limoncello brewing in the pantry and the flowers are blooming at the homestead.

When I was walking out the door this morning, I noticed that our camellia tree out front that has had a couple flowers, but mostly buds on it had exploded in red color. There is also a small camellia tree next to it that has exploded as well. If it's not raining I'll take some pictures when I get home and post the pretties. We also have a "tulip tree" that is in full bloom - light purple tulip looking flowers that are so delicate and pretty on bare branches. I've never noticed these trees around Sacramento before, but now I'm seeing them everywhere and they're gorgeous!

Edit - I was able to take some pictures, so here you go...

New Toy!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

We got a new toy this week. A little Lenovo S10 notebook. It's got a 10" screen and is perfect for using in the kitchen when cooking with recipes found on the internet, which is where most of our recipes come from. It's the cutest little thing and is super fast with wi-fi and is now connected to our home network.

I've mostly been using it to play around on the internet with because it's just so small and cute, I love it!

It's here!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The new fridge has arrived, and Tate has sent me pics! Is it weird that I'm all excited to get home and see a new fridge?? Probably, but that's just me. This whole home owner thing is such a trip and I'm loving it!

Our collectible series

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OK, so if anyone knows Tate and I, you have heard of our never ending search for a fridge that will work for us. We started out with the crap-tastic fridge at his old place. When we bought the house, it came with an even more crappier fridge that now sits in our backyard. The first fridge didn't work in our house because the doors opened the wrong direction and when we tried to flip them, everything was so worn from the one position, it just didn't work. So, off to craigslist we went. Happy day, we found a fridge we could live with. It even had water and ice that we hooked up. (Talk to Tate about that experience!)

Oh, the fridge... So, the "new" fridge that we've had now for approx 5-6 months has decided to have ice maker issues and just doesn't stop making ice, which produces a pool of standing water on the kitchen floor. Not good. After dismantling and emptying bucket after bucket of ice from the ice maker, I came home last night and decided to just "screw it - let's get a new fridge."

Off to Sears we went and purchased our now 4th fridge!

It's bigger, better, faster and whiter! LOL! Seriously, it's pretty cool. It has a PUR water filter and space saving ice bin, so we have more freezer space, and this cool anti-microbial drawer for veggies. We should now not have reason to buy another freakin' fridge for a very long time. Now all we have to do is get rid of the ones we do have! Luckily we have a scheduled pickup this week for one of them, and will probably sell the bad ice making fridge on craigslist. Delivery date for new fridge is 2/20/09! Yeah!!

Friends, Roller Skates and Lights

Monday, February 9, 2009

That basically sums up the weekend. Saturday was a blur of chores around the house, then trucking out to Rancho Cordova to pick up some French doors that I found on craigslist. I really lucked out on these - they are solid wood and very nice. Lisa was my savior once again with the use of her truck, so Zachary and I got to play in the back seat while Lisa and Tate threatened to scalp us from the front! LOL!

After the trip out to Rancho, we made it home in time to start dinner because Emiley was coming to stay the night and going to Sacred City's season opener with us. In a blur of making dinner, getting a shower in, feeding dogs and getting cleaned up to go, we made it to the rink early enough to get a good place in line.

This was Emiley's first experience with roller derby, and for a newby, she did great. I was glad that we didn't scare her too much! LOL! My 'cousin' that I met through Sacred City was there with her girlfriend, so it made it even better, then add the fact that we got SCDG calendars and Cap'n Sal took mine around to all the girls and got it signed by everyone, including Daddy's Girl, who moved to Chicago last year, and was there for the bout made it all the more fantastic!!

Sacred played a great bout and we won by a good margin of 101 to 80. Sorry Orange County, you're just not good enough for our derby girls! Emiley said it was the first time she felt out of place because she didn't have a tattoo. Other than that, she had a good time and said she would come again, so I'm going to make sure she keeps that one!

Sunday morning we all slept late after drunken derby and went to Eggies for breakfast (another first for Em). Then off to Trader Joe's because she never gets to go there - the girl needs to move to Sac, I tell ya. After that, it was getting late, and we had to take Em home so Kelsey wouldn't think that mom had totally abandoned her.

After dropping Emiley off at home, Tate decides he's sick of the buzzing florescent light in the kitchen and we need to go light shopping. So, off to Orchard we go. Unfortunately, their light selection sucks, so we headed up the road to the 'Po and found 2 light fixtures for the kitchen and one for the mudroom, plus new fluorescents for the workshop and bulbs a plenty. By the time we get home, I was pooped and just wanted to laze on the couch for a bit, but Tate went right in to installing lights. Check out the House Stuffs page for pics and that post.

We ended the weekend watching Step Brothers and chillin' on the couch. Another one gone too quickly, but lots of stuff done and one step closer to completed projects.

And he said... let there be light!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It has been nights of the lights around here the last couple days. We now have new light fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen and the mudroom. We also finished the final light for the living room making the lamps from vases we got at pier one.

Kitchen Lights (there are 2 of these)

Bathroom light fixture

As always, more projects in the process. There are French doors to be installed in the living room, shelves to be built, kitchen to be re-done and more! The floor in the mudroom is now complete, now it's time to paint the trim and that room will be done!

Weekend? What Weekend?

Monday, February 2, 2009

This last weekend went by in a blur. I had to work part of the day on Saturday, so I was up and going at my normal 6:15, and finally got home a little after 2p. After that I was exhausted from the previous 2 days working our House of Delegates annual meeting so it was nap time for me.

Sunday morning, Tate went for a quick 10 mile ride on his beloved fixie, and I went to work getting some laundry done and making a guava cake for the big game. We went to Woodland and hung out at Emiley's house for the big game. We brought the dogs, which kept Kelsey entertained while we munched on all the yummy eats. By the end of the game, the dogs were worn out and I was ready to go home. I ended up falling asleep on the couch around 8:30p and was in bed by 9p. I guess when you're a victim to routine, anything that messes with it will wipe you out. LOL!

I'm looking forward to next weekend as it is the opening of Sacred City's 2009 season. Emiley is coming to the bout with us and will sleep over, so that should be fun. It will be like one of our old sleep overs with lots of wine and popcorn! :^D

The Love for Lemons!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As I'm sure you're aware of, we have a lemon tree in our backyard. Well, last weekend I decided that since we are now being overrun by lemons to start the picking and do something. So, I planted myself in the kitchen after Tate helped me pick a nice big bag full and started peeling.

Once I had enough lemons...

I added the Vodka and placed it in the pantry to sit for the next couple months. We are on our way to having a nice batch of limoncello.

More mudroom goodness

Tate now has the edge and trim all done. Once grout is done and it's sealed, we are ready for finishing touches. The change is crazy - it doesn't look like the same little blank room anymore.

It's a dog's life!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We took the "kids" to Folsom lake on Sunday. This was their first time there and first time for Buddy & Woody to be where there was a large body of water. The lake is so low, that we drove about 1/4 mile down past the lower boat launch, then walked the dogs another 1/4 mile to the water. By the time we got down there, the dogs were ready to run and play. Tate kept hesitating to let them off leash, but we finally did because there wasn't really anyone around. He released Woody first and he automatically ran into the water until it was too deep and he ended up swimming. LOL! Next was Buddy, he danced around for a bit and eased his way into the water, but ended up getting just as wet and dirty as Woodrow. Maggie kept away from the water as we expected, but ran around playing with the boys as much as ever. In the end, the dogs were wet, muddy and tired. Just the way the would like it.

Afterwards we took them out to Splash Hound in W. Sac. for baths. My Buddy boy was the best behaved and won the gold star. He went right into the tubs and stood there like he was supposed to, then was very good for the blow-dry. He hated this part last time, but I think he was so tired from his adventure that he just didn't care. Woody was the worst. He was squirming and jumping all over the place in the tub that it took Tate and the owner of the shop to hold him down. I was nominated to do the blow dry. When I went to pick him up, his eyes were red-rimmed like he had been crying, but it was just from the soap he managed to get in his eyes from his jumping nonsense. He ended up just about hanging himself on the drying table, so he's going to take some work to get better at the dog wash. All in all it was a fun day spent with the dogs.

Mudroom progress

The mudroom is almost finished! Tate has only a few more tiles to cut before he starts mudding them down around the edges and then it's grout time! Soon, I will finish up the trim and the front door. I can't wait to have this project all knocked out!

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