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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We took the "kids" to Folsom lake on Sunday. This was their first time there and first time for Buddy & Woody to be where there was a large body of water. The lake is so low, that we drove about 1/4 mile down past the lower boat launch, then walked the dogs another 1/4 mile to the water. By the time we got down there, the dogs were ready to run and play. Tate kept hesitating to let them off leash, but we finally did because there wasn't really anyone around. He released Woody first and he automatically ran into the water until it was too deep and he ended up swimming. LOL! Next was Buddy, he danced around for a bit and eased his way into the water, but ended up getting just as wet and dirty as Woodrow. Maggie kept away from the water as we expected, but ran around playing with the boys as much as ever. In the end, the dogs were wet, muddy and tired. Just the way the would like it.

Afterwards we took them out to Splash Hound in W. Sac. for baths. My Buddy boy was the best behaved and won the gold star. He went right into the tubs and stood there like he was supposed to, then was very good for the blow-dry. He hated this part last time, but I think he was so tired from his adventure that he just didn't care. Woody was the worst. He was squirming and jumping all over the place in the tub that it took Tate and the owner of the shop to hold him down. I was nominated to do the blow dry. When I went to pick him up, his eyes were red-rimmed like he had been crying, but it was just from the soap he managed to get in his eyes from his jumping nonsense. He ended up just about hanging himself on the drying table, so he's going to take some work to get better at the dog wash. All in all it was a fun day spent with the dogs.


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