Friends, Roller Skates and Lights

Monday, February 9, 2009

That basically sums up the weekend. Saturday was a blur of chores around the house, then trucking out to Rancho Cordova to pick up some French doors that I found on craigslist. I really lucked out on these - they are solid wood and very nice. Lisa was my savior once again with the use of her truck, so Zachary and I got to play in the back seat while Lisa and Tate threatened to scalp us from the front! LOL!

After the trip out to Rancho, we made it home in time to start dinner because Emiley was coming to stay the night and going to Sacred City's season opener with us. In a blur of making dinner, getting a shower in, feeding dogs and getting cleaned up to go, we made it to the rink early enough to get a good place in line.

This was Emiley's first experience with roller derby, and for a newby, she did great. I was glad that we didn't scare her too much! LOL! My 'cousin' that I met through Sacred City was there with her girlfriend, so it made it even better, then add the fact that we got SCDG calendars and Cap'n Sal took mine around to all the girls and got it signed by everyone, including Daddy's Girl, who moved to Chicago last year, and was there for the bout made it all the more fantastic!!

Sacred played a great bout and we won by a good margin of 101 to 80. Sorry Orange County, you're just not good enough for our derby girls! Emiley said it was the first time she felt out of place because she didn't have a tattoo. Other than that, she had a good time and said she would come again, so I'm going to make sure she keeps that one!

Sunday morning we all slept late after drunken derby and went to Eggies for breakfast (another first for Em). Then off to Trader Joe's because she never gets to go there - the girl needs to move to Sac, I tell ya. After that, it was getting late, and we had to take Em home so Kelsey wouldn't think that mom had totally abandoned her.

After dropping Emiley off at home, Tate decides he's sick of the buzzing florescent light in the kitchen and we need to go light shopping. So, off to Orchard we go. Unfortunately, their light selection sucks, so we headed up the road to the 'Po and found 2 light fixtures for the kitchen and one for the mudroom, plus new fluorescents for the workshop and bulbs a plenty. By the time we get home, I was pooped and just wanted to laze on the couch for a bit, but Tate went right in to installing lights. Check out the House Stuffs page for pics and that post.

We ended the weekend watching Step Brothers and chillin' on the couch. Another one gone too quickly, but lots of stuff done and one step closer to completed projects.


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