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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OK, so if anyone knows Tate and I, you have heard of our never ending search for a fridge that will work for us. We started out with the crap-tastic fridge at his old place. When we bought the house, it came with an even more crappier fridge that now sits in our backyard. The first fridge didn't work in our house because the doors opened the wrong direction and when we tried to flip them, everything was so worn from the one position, it just didn't work. So, off to craigslist we went. Happy day, we found a fridge we could live with. It even had water and ice that we hooked up. (Talk to Tate about that experience!)

Oh, the fridge... So, the "new" fridge that we've had now for approx 5-6 months has decided to have ice maker issues and just doesn't stop making ice, which produces a pool of standing water on the kitchen floor. Not good. After dismantling and emptying bucket after bucket of ice from the ice maker, I came home last night and decided to just "screw it - let's get a new fridge."

Off to Sears we went and purchased our now 4th fridge!

It's bigger, better, faster and whiter! LOL! Seriously, it's pretty cool. It has a PUR water filter and space saving ice bin, so we have more freezer space, and this cool anti-microbial drawer for veggies. We should now not have reason to buy another freakin' fridge for a very long time. Now all we have to do is get rid of the ones we do have! Luckily we have a scheduled pickup this week for one of them, and will probably sell the bad ice making fridge on craigslist. Delivery date for new fridge is 2/20/09! Yeah!!


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