Birthday Extravaganza

Monday, March 23, 2009

As you all should know, my birthday is coming up. So, in celebration of this all hallowed day, I decided to have a bbq with all of my besties over for fun. Tate agreed to smoke some ribs, and my only request was for people to bring side dishes.

Corrie & Orrie, Lisa & Zachary and Emiley & Kelsey came to have fun and eat and laugh, and that's exactly what we all did. The day was total chaos with me having to go to 3 different stores that morning, go to Woodland to pick up Em & Kels, then also pick up a puppy they had to babysit, and back to Sac. The noise level was crazy in our house between all of the dogs, the kids, people talking and laughing, and just pure fun.

Emiley and Kelsey ended up staying the night and making it a slumber party! By the end of the night, I was tired, drunk and ready for the peace and quiet of my bed, but I had a great time and was happy that I could share the day with my friends. I was bummbed that Jen couldn't make it, but I'll make her pay me back one way or another! LOL!


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