Friday night fun!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday was designated the day of the doors. Tate and I had got these really nice solid wood French doors off of craigslist several weeks ago, and he said that he was planning on installing them on Friday.

I get home Friday evening after stopping at the store and picking up something for dinner knowing he would be hungry when done with the doors to find that he hasn't even put the doors in yet. There is just a big hole in the family room, and he's drilling into the concrete to put the threshold down. Now, let me first remind everyone that this is an older home (over 50 years to be more precise) and this is swapping out the sliding door in the family room, which is an add on to the house. This being said, floors and walls were found to be not the most level things in the world. So, after many adjustments, trims and wiggles, Tate and his amazing skills were able to get the doors in. I helped when asked and could provide some actual assistance, but mainly I stayed out of his way and just observed with the dogs.

There is still some drywall that needs to be put up, but they work and they are pretty. Now, we don't have to see the workshop from the family room unless we want to!

Tate putting the final touches on the doors.

The pretty new doors.

It's happening one step at a time.


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