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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The big update of the day is that Tate and I have decided to get married! We have been talking about it for a while but could never decide on what we wanted, or if it was the right time, blah, blah, blah. But then it came to me... what about getting married at one of the vineyards that we like up at Apple Hill?? We could have a small ceremony with just our closest friends and family, then hang out, drink wine and eat yummies. Very simple and easy and just perfect for us. Tate agreed and the planning began.

As the planning went on, I discovered that the winery we wanted to go to, Lava Cap Vineyards, was going to be too small. The guest list had gotten up to about 25 people and I didn't think we could be too comfortable there. I was chatting with Emiley about it and she suggested Cooper Vineyards in Plymouth. Her friend Chrissy is one of the owners and said she'd love to have us! Perfect!!

Tate and I made the trip to Cooper last Friday to check it out. We pulled up to the winery and were awestruck at how pretty it is and with all the space. We went inside and were happy to see a nice big area inside in case there is bad weather. We began tasting the wines and the guy behind the bar just happened to be the wine maker for Cooper Wines. The girl who was supposed to be there had to leave on a family emergency, so he got the job of pouring for the visitors that day. As he and Tate were talking, they realized that they know each other. Tate was in a band with Mike (the wine maker) about 12 years ago! What a shock that was. It was such a trip to see them finally figure out why the other looked so familiar. The rest of the tasting was mixed with stories back and forth from the two guys. When we finished the tasting and realized that we really liked all of their wines, we decided to take some pictures of the place so we could plan better and have a walk around. Chrissy was due any minute and I wanted to say 'hi'.

We walked around and just fell more in love with the vineyard, it has the perfect place that we can do the ceremony at, and plenty of room to sit and enjoy the afternoon and let the kids run around. We headed back inside and Chrissy showed up a few minutes later. We were able to briefly chat before it got real busy and we had to leave. On our way up to the vineyard, I was worried about the long drive there, but once we were there and enjoying everything, plus knowing Chrissy and Tate knowing Mike, we knew it was the right place.

So, now here's where it gets a little more weird. I get a call from Lisa on Sunday. She saw the evites that I sent out and was wondering what made us choose this vineyard. I had told her we were planning on going to Lava Cap so she was confused when she saw the new vineyard. I told her the story and she just chuckled and said; "I asked because I grew up with the Cooper girls and my mom is a good friend of Dick's (the father)" Well, that just blew me away. With so many connections to this winery, it is fate and brings that personalization to our wedding that not everyone gets to have with their venue.

So that's it, folks. The date is set for October 17th. Our rings arrived yesterday, the vows have been written, we are being married by Larry and have an appointment for the license next Friday. I have wonderful friends that have designated themselves for certain jobs without me even asking and everything is coming along. Tate and I need to find our clothes for the wedding and that's about it. No big decisions have to be made, no fights, no stress, just a great day being planned. My biggest worry was solved today when Corrie told me she was able to get her final exam re-scheduled from it's original time of 1:30p that day to two days earlier! Now knowing that she is not going to miss anything or have to miss it all together, I can breathe easy and just count down the days.


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