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Thursday, March 4, 2010

It is well known in my circle of friends and family that my husband and I are dog lovers. It started simply with Maggie. She came with the husband when we got together. He has had her for about 9 years now and she is a great little dog. Maggie is a Queensland Heeler and smart as a whip. Sometimes we think she's too smart because she will give you some looks that make you wonder what that girl is thinking of.

When I moved in to hubby's house I knew it was my chance to get a dog of my own. I figured Maggie would like a playmate and I had always wanted my own dog, so off to the SPCA we went. There we found Buddy. A beautiful Doberman that was only 8 months old and had been abandoned by his owners due to a divorce. While doing the "meet and greet" we discovered Buddy had a great personality and just wanted to get to know and play with other dogs so we knew he was the boy for us.

Our life was great until we purchased our first (and current) home to discover that Maggie was done playing rough and Buddy really needed someone a little more active to chase around. That brings us to Woody, the poster boy for todays post. Woody was spotted by hubby in the neighborhood where they had puppies for sale. Coming back from his errand I was told I had to come and look at these puppies. Yes, love at first sight because, hello!, puppies!!!

Yes, Buddy and Woody were fast friends and continue to be so. When we got Woody we were told he was a Shar Pei mix, but not what the "mix" was. We figured there was some pit bull in there, but just weren't sure. Both of us were fine with whatever Woody turned out to be and I can say over a year later, Woody has turned out to be the best dog ever. He definitely has Staffordshire Bull Terrier in him but not much Shar Pei that we're able to see.

Having Woody has brought hubby and I into the world of pit bull discrimination. When I tell some people what dogs I have, they are more afraid of the pit bull than the Doberman. Granted, neither dog would ever harm anyone but Buddy is definitely the scary looking one when he greets you at the door. Dealing with the negative comments we've gotten, I found by chance a volunteer opportunity for hubby and I to help some dogs in need and spread the word for pit bull abuse.

Both of us volunteer our time to help take care of kenneled pits who are awaiting adoption through Chako. We go once or twice a week and walk, play and teach basic obedience to a kenneled dog. Currently, we're taking care of Daisy, a great little girl that has a stubborn streak a mile wide, but is the sweetest thing ever.

In dealing with Chako, I have opened my eyes to the amount of discrimination this breed gets and how many great organizations there are out there dedicated to pit bull awareness.


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