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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My best friend and I have had a very interesting relationship over the last 30 or so years that we've known each other. We've gone from being inseparable as children, to moving in different directions during high school and college, only to end up living together in our early 20's. After that, we split up and didn't really see each other for about 10 years.

During those 10 years apart, I missed the friend that had always been in my life, and the closeness that we had always shared. A few years ago we "discovered" each other again. We both agreed to move forward and whatever was in the past, was in the past. Since then, we have had the best relationship we have ever had. We have both grown in different ways, but we are still the same friends we always were. If we go for more than a week and don't see each other, we get antsy and start scrambling to get together.

I still feel sad for those long years apart that we both missed so much in each other's life. She married and has a little girl, but tragedy struck and her husband was taken away from her before his time. It kills me that I wasn't there for her during that time. I went to the funeral, but it just wasn't the same as being there for your best friend and holding her hand through it all. I never really "knew" him and I feel I lost something I never had. I love the fact that she and my husband are like brother and sister and I just wish that her husband could have been apart of what we three have together. However, I still think would we still have that if he was still alive? Would it be different? Better? Worse? Who knows.

Now to the point of it all. For my birthday last month, I got a special present from said bestie. She did a painting for me based on our relationship. She has always been very artistic, but hasn't painted in many years and for her to take paint to canvas for me is something very special indeed. Here is what she did for me and I love it to death.

It hangs in my dining room so I get to see it all the time and it never fails to make me smile. Thank you, my bestie, for not only a very thoughtful gift, but for your friendship throughout the years. Good, bad and ugly. I love you.


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