Sea Glass Makeover

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A couple years ago I had to get a new car because my current car, which had just been paid off, got squished by a tree while I was living downtown. But that's another story. This story is about the new car and the fact that I had a desire to change the license plate frame on the back.

Being the crafty chica that I am, I didn't want to just go out and purchase a new license plate frame, I wanted something unique and cool. Digging into my box of crafty goodness, I found a container of sea glass I had collected in Fort Bragg several years earlier. I thought that was the perfect idea for my re-vamped license plate frame, so I got out all of my supplies. I top coated the frame with black spray paint to hide the white lettering of the car dealer info, and set to gluing my sea glass. I used Gorilla Glue thinking it was perfect solution to my gluing needs, well I was wrong. A few years down the road and my sea glass has been falling off my license plate frame leaving a trail of shiny bread crumbs all over Sacramento.

Now having to look at a partially decomposing license plate, I knew it was time to do something. Husband told me that when I re-do my license plate frame that I should use marine epoxy since it's built to hold up to the weather and be water tight, so while we were at our local Ace hardware this past weekend, I picked myself up a bottle of marine epoxy and headed off with the goal to finally re-vamp the frame.

We got home and I set to work peeling the remaining sea glass from the frame and chipping away at the dried out decomposing glue. Once all was clean, I assembled my tools and got to mixing the epoxy to begin gluing a whole new set of sea glass onto my frame. Having to wait 24 hours to make sure the bond is set, I took my beauty outside and gave it a clear coat of lacquer to make it shine!

Two coats of lacquer, all dried and ready to go, I'm set for the road!

The Tale of a Clogged Drain

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I've been putting off this post because it's a doozy. A couple weeks ago, the hubby noticed that the shower was backing up a little bit during his morning shower. After that, the toilet clogged one morning, so we did our duty and got the uber drain-o to clear the matter at hand, so to speak. Well, things just got worse. Having gone through something similar back in January, I was fearing the inevitable of having our main line replaced, so I went to my trusty Craigslist in hunt of a plumber and an appointment was made to have our drain snaked.

I left work Friday afternoon planning to go home, wait for the plummer, have him snake our drain and be safe for another couple of months. Well, this is when the fun really started. At this point, our drains were really clogged. We couldn't use the toilet, the shower was backed up and we didn't even consider doing dishes. The plummer arrived and got his big snake machine all set up to do it's job and goes to press the start button only to have a 'click, click' sound. Oh fail. After monkeying around for a bit he realizes he's stuck and has to get his machine fixed, so off he goes with a promise to either be back with a new machine or have someone else out at the end of the day. Fine, ok, I can understand these things happen. He's promising to get it done by the end of the day, so at least I will be able to shower that day.

A couple hours go by and he finally shows back up with a fixed snake machine ready to go. The snaking begins. Progress is being made. The snake is moving down the pipe, then as he's bringing it back up, I hear an "uh-oh" from him. Well, that can't be good. I ask him what's up and he says he's got mud coming out, which isn't a good sign. He doesn't seem pleased about this and if my plummer isn't pleased I'm not either. After a bit more snaking and seeing that nothing is draining he admits defeat and tells me the bad news. We have a hole in our main drain and it needs to be replaced. Well, crap! It was the worst case scenario and the one that I just really didn't want. After processing this, I realize we have to go forward, so we head into the backyard and he does some measurements with the thought of how much this is going to cost me. I'm automatically thinking I'm now in the hole for $6-9 thousand dollars. I'm stressing and freaking (all on the inside, of course) and then I hear "$1,500-$2,00" Well, this I can live with. "Yes, yes, yes! Go ahead, get started, when can it be done?!?" He promises to be back the next morning with a crew to start the all might dig out. The backyard is to be sacrificed to the plumbing gods. They have to dig to #1. find the main line and #2. replace it to the city water line.

Did I mention that I don't deal well with stressful situations? I mean, I do, but the whole time I'm having a panic attack and stressing over every little thing that needs to be taken care of and finished, so after the plummer leaves, I have to go pick up hubby from work. On my way I call on the bestest bestie of them all and see if we can come crash at her place that night so at least we have a place to stay that night. I pick up husband, we decide to stop for dinner on the way home and actually manage to enjoy a meal and some wine without me freaking too much, then head home to pack and go to bestie's for the night. The next morning, we wake up nice and early so we can get back, meet the plumber get husband to work and I can figure out how I can pay to have water again.

I spend the day hanging around the house, not able to do dishes, laundry, go to the bathroom or pretty much anything.

I do manage to get a loan to pay for all of the digging going on in my backyard, so I'm feeling better. I know that soon my life will be back to normal. However, I know we're going back to Woodland for the night to be able to shower and sleep somewhere that we can use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

By the end of the day, my yard is a series of trenches and is not done yet, however, Izzy (the plumber) has promised that all will be restored to me tomorrow. I head out to pick up husband from work and head back home to see if they are still digging. We stopped and got the boys some beer for all of their hard work and soon after that they called it a day.

So we once again head to the bestie's house for one more night. I end up not sleeping too well, because we brought all three dogs and the 2 boys were in the room with us, fascinated by the guinea pig and not able to settle down. Not to mention I'm sleeping on a twin bed designed for a 6 year old girl. LOL! I wake up early, tired, stressed and just wanting my own bed, shower, and toilet.

Luckily, on this particular Sunday, husband has the day off so once we get home and find that trench work has resumed in the backyard, we go out to breakfast. As we are eating, I find myself almost falling asleep at the table. All I can think about is going home and going to bed and sleeping until this is all over. I manage to make it through breakfast and back home. Izzy tells me that he needs a "progressive payment" so he can pay his workers, so I write him the check, hand it to husband and head to bed. Half an hour later, I am out like a light and wake up about four hours later to find that all is finished, they are just patting down all of the dirt that they put back over the newly replaced main line and water has been restored to my house! Whoo-hoo!! It happened just as I wanted it to. I went to sleep and woke up to have my world back to working order.

I wrote my final check to Izzy's Plumbing said my thanks to him and his crew and went inside to clean my tub! I now know that I am safe from major clogs in the future, it wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be and Craigslist has once again provided a great service to me. Thank you to Izzy's Plumbing for the great work and fair prices and to my bestie who is always there when I need her. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got dishes to do. ;^)

A Long Weekend That Never Seems Long Enough

Monday, May 3, 2010

This weekend was my three day weekend that I get to have every other week because I work a 9/80 schedule. What this means is I work my 80 hours in 9 days instead of the normal 10 days of a regular work schedule. On the week that I don't get Friday off, it's a long week of 9 hour days, but on that second week when I only work 8 hours on Thursday and know that I have that Friday off, it's a great week indeed.

Luckily, husband has Friday and Saturday off every week and we are able to have two days together every other week. This weekend was one of those great weekends we had together. With nothing special planned, but chores and errands to do, we set off fairly early (well, early for us) on Friday and went shopping. We made our first stop at the post office to mail off some packages of my canned goodness we have been promising people for a while then decided to head to OSH to see what they had there. With the husband working now, we have a little extra spending money and can start working on the house again. Since we've been focusing on the outdoors recently, we decided to keep that going and do some flower shopping.

After doing some roaming in the nursery, we found a Santa Rosa plum tree on sale, the exact red/orange rose tree that we both wanted, yellow daisies to add to the row of purple and white daisies we have in the back yard and a cute fern for the front yard next to the hose. We were both very excited with our purchases and spurred on for more shopping. The next few stops were to stock up the pantry for the week ahead. Strawberries were found at the 99cent store, huge artichokes were picked up at Trader Joe's and bread was on sale at SaveMart. By the time we were done with our shopping extravaganza we were fairly peckish since it was around 3p and decided to stop for a late lunch/early dinner. We ended up choosing Bobo's Cafe right there at Town & Country Village and had a great meal that was just what we wanted. Something light but tasty!

When we pulled up in front of Bobo's, Tate noticed a vintage guitar shop next door and so it was decided we "had" to check it out, but that would wait until after we ate. Once our bellies were full and we had sat for a bit having a nice lunch, we headed next door to check things out. First thing we noticed was this cool Batman looking guitar that we had to have a closer look at. Roaming around the guitar shop, Tate was loving it and knew that he would have to be back, but we were able to beg a photo of the Batman guitar from the owner.

With frozen peas in the car getting mushy as we spoke, we headed out of the guitar shop and made our way home to unpack the car and head out for a quick trip to Big Lots for some potting soil.

We were awake bright and early Saturday and we knew that it was an "Eggie's" Saturday. Every other Saturday we meet friends of ours for breakfast at Eggie's and it's great fun, but since we were awake so early (8am) I knew we had to wait before we called to set the time for breakfast. Being wide awake, but not ready to get out of bed quite yet, Tate decided it would be a great idea to let the dogs in and have them up on the bed. So there we were, the two of us and the three dogs jumping all over us in bed. It was a riot and we're lucky we didn't end up bruised with Buddy and Woody bouncing all over the place. :^D

Doggy fun over with, we got up, cleaned up and out the door for our breakfast fun. After breakfast we were back home to do the planting of all the pretties we had purchased the day before. As the husband was getting stuff squared away, he asked me what I wanted to do with the two little daisy plants we had got at the 99cent store. Knowing that they should be in a pot instead of the ground, I was searching the yard for somewhere they could go when I found the perfect container. Recycling at it's best in our house!

Leaving Tate to work on the yard, I headed out to take care of Daisy, the pit bull that I volunteer to help take care of once a week. We spent the rest of the day taking care of stuff around the house and Tate got all of our new lovelies planted, fed and watered.

Sunday Tate was back to work and I was left home alone to my own devices. This meant a day of canning. I had lots of strawberries that needed to be made into jam and a co-worker that has been begging for more of the Thai Hot & Sweet dipping sauce so to work I went. I spent a good three hours making two batches of strawberry jam that yielded me a good showing.

And I spent another three or so hours making two batches of the dipping sauce which left my day looking fairly productive.

Sunday evening came and the weekend was over. It was nothing special but when you're spending time with those that you love and enjoying each other's company, you don't really need anything more than that. Thank you, husband for being who you are and keeping me company in life.

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