Zucchini Friday

Friday, June 25, 2010

This Spring we planted our garden and it was quickly taken over by weeds that we were not able to keep up on. We keep watering it in hopes that something will survive the jungle that has become the garden. Well, the other night, husband braved the weed covered pot holes and discovered some zucchini buried within the depths of our garden. He walked into the house with two humongous zucchini and said that he thought there was probably more out there. I took it upon myself to go out there the next day when I got home from work and made several trips into the garden to pull out 5 just as big zucchini and one baby onion.

With zucchini on the brain, and husband and I both off work today, we decided it was zucchini bread day. I promised to clean the kitchen if he would make the bread as he is known as "the bread meister" in this house. With the kitchen clean and dishes done, husband got to work on making the bread. After setting up the cuisinart for easy shredding, he cut up one of the mammoth zucchini.

He then put the zucchini in the cuisinart to be shredded.

Once shredded, it was time to get a-mixin!

Of course, we used only the best ingredients...

Once mixed, he poured it into the pans and got to work on the second batch with a different recipe.

Once done, you could see the difference between the two recipes. Both turned out de-lish!


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