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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life has been fairly crazy and hectic lately between work, home, and play we're trying to do it all and I don't think it's quite fitting in.

 Saturday was one of the busiest days we've had in a long while. I was able to get the husband up and out of bed by 9am to go for a short bike ride before we headed up to Apple Hill for the Port release at Jodar Winery. We also stopped at Jack Russell Brewery so Tate could fill up his growler with something yummy but then had to book it back down the hill to go to a birthday party at Incredible John's Pizza in Roseville for my girlfriend's daughter. Neither of us had ever been there and were so overwhelmed by all of the noises, lights and games that we didn't know what to do at first.  I then got paired with one of the kids at the party to take him around all of the games so he wouldn't get lost.  If you ever need a good workout, I can highly suggest chasing after a 5 year old at this place.  It was crazy.  I even ended up losing Tate in the process and had to call him only to find him across the parking lot at the bike shop.  (Go figure.)

After the birthday party when the sugar had worn off on all the kids and it was getting late, we headed downtown to the one year anniversary party at Whitworth Cycles. We hung out there for a bit so Tate could congratulate Whit, then headed home. I was done by that time and ended up passing out on the couch for a nice one hour nap before thinking about dinner.

Unfortunately, there was lots more stuff that we wanted to do and couldn't do it. I guess it's just the curse of the season. I'm out of town this weekend and will miss all sorts of fun events and outings that I want to do, but am excited for the 28th and making Emiley's birthday dinner extravaganza.

With our busy lifestyle lately, I have been challenged on my diet and have to say I am proud of the choices I have been making. We've been to a Chinese buffet along with the pizza buffet at Incredible John's and each time I made smart choices to help me along on my road to good health. I am happy to report that I am no longer taking my high blood pressure meds. I was having too many dizzy spells and have been keeping an eye on it. I still run a little high, but usually around 135/82 which is not terrible. I still have an issue with water retention so I'm continuing to take my water pills and I just need to keep drinking my water. My main obstacle, as always is exercise. I'm the worst about it and I know it's all my fault, but that too will be conquered!

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