First Anniversary Fun

Monday, October 18, 2010

This weekend marked the first anniversary for my husband and I.  People normally think we've been married longer than we have by the way we are together and I take that as a complement to our relationship.  We are open and honest with each other, but also make sure to take into account the other's feelings when decisions are made.  Everything about our relationship has come naturally to us (with some bumps in the road) and we recognize what a gift something like this is.

Being on a tight budget we didn't really get a honeymoon in the traditional sense and this was no different.  As members of a wine club at Jodar Winery up at Apple Hill, we have found little day trips up there bring a lot of joy, fun and some form of escape from the valley.  When they announced they were going to have a pasta dinner paired with their wines the weekend of our anniversary I thought that was perfect and so did hubby!  We got married at a winery, so why not celebrate the anniversary at one too!

We woke up Saturday morning slowly, but knowing it was going to be a special day.  Our official anniversary date wasn't until the 17th, but it didn't matter to us.  Tate begged for Eggie's for breakfast, and knowing how yummy their food is, I couldn't deny, so we hauled our behinds out of bed and got our acts in gear.  We filled our guts at Eggie's with, what else, eggs!  After breakfast, we headed over to Home Depot to exchange a toilet seat gone wrong, and ended up picking up a couple other things and actually agreeing on paint colors for the bedroom, but that's another post for another time.  After errands at the 'Po, we stopped at Thrift Town for some thrifty fun, and boy did we have some!  Tate found a vintage nut chopper that I have been wanting in pristine condition for $2, then I found a rad tiki cup for my friends Mark & Sal for a whopping $0.49, then Tate came walking up with a huge country style rooster clock that is perfect for Emiley's kitchen.  Great condition and only $8!  Yes, that's right, $8 for a normally $25-$30 clock, I <3 Thrift Town.

When we got home, we decided it would be fun to take the dogs out to Folsom Lake, so we got our stuff and loaded them into the car for an afternoon of fun. We found a nice spot with not too many people around and let the dogs loose. Buddy and Woody had a blast! They took off like a cannon getting their zoomies on running all over the place. Anytime they got a little too far, we would call them back and they would come a runnin'. Woody soon discovered the water and that was it for him, he had found his joy. He and Buddy spent a good hour playing in the water with Woody fetching sticks Tate would throw deep into the water. Woody would swim out to get them and look like a little otter coming back with his stick. He loved it! Buddy wasn't too keen on the swimming part, but liked to play in the water, and per usual, Maggie wanted no part of the water but had to voice her opinion about it the whole time by whining. I think she was upset that she didn't want to be in the water with the boys playing, but she wanted to play with them. I did catch her actually getting her toes wet toward the end of the trip and I think given enough exposure, she may someday go in voluntarily. Until then, I'm sure she will just watch from the side.

Once Woody started slowing down and showing that he was tuckered out from all the swimming, we decided to call it a day and head back home. We still had to get cleaned up and head up the hill for our dinner at the winery. The dogs all but passed out in the car on the way home they were so exhausted from their fun at the lake, so there was no hard feelings about leaving them in their kennels for the evening. I knew they would just snooze the night away and have happy doggy dreams of running and playing on a lake shore.

Our dinner at Jodar was just what we expected it to be. Wonderful. We had some good conversation with people we met there, the food was yummy and you can't say anything bad about the wine! Sue even remembered it was our anniversary and gave us an extra dessert for us with a little candle in it and our table sang us "Happy Anniversary." It was really cute and made the night a little more special. We left the winery about 9:30p to head down the hill and I was zonked. It had been a marathon of a day, but so much fun. By the time we got home, I was fast asleep within 15 minutes and had my own dreams of doggies on the lake and wine in the hills.

Sunday was our official anniversary and we had thought about heading up to Cooper Vineyards where we got married just to do something special, however, the day was dreary and rainy and called for snuggling on the couch and doing nothing what-so-ever, so that is what we did. We spent the day cuddled underneath blankets and dogs watching movies with cold air coming in from outside and loving every moment of it. It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend and as I told my husband, I love him more now than I did a year ago when I said "I do."


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