OMG Roller Derby!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I've written a couple times about my love for roller derby.  To be honest, if I was a bit younger and lighter with knees that weren't so jacked up I'd be a skater, but my damaged body is just not up to it so I sit on the sidelines and watch in awe.  This weekend was the WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) Western Regional  Championship held at Memorial auditorium here in Sacramento hosted by our own Sacred City Derby Girls.  Sacred placed 10th in the region and was able to be in the tournament so that made it even better, not to mention that roller derby has not been held at the Memorial Auditorium in probably 20+ years so that was pretty cool as well.  As a fan of Sacred and knowing that this historic event was going to be going on I quickly answered the call for volunteers to work the event to get in for free.  I spent Friday and Saturday getting up very early for my days off and lugging water, sodas, ice, etc. around just to be able to watch roller derby history in the making.  I found muscles I didn't know I had, sweat a ton, learned a lot about pack strategy and fell in love with some skaters that I had the honor to watch both win and lose.

Sunday was my day to stay at home and do chores that had been screaming at me to be done.  There were dishes piling up in the sink, laundry laying on the floor in the laundry room and overall messiness to be dealt with. But there was also the finals going on so I ordered the HD live stream of the tournament that day.  I hooked up my little computer to the big tv and let it play so I could be a good wife and get my chores done, but also get my derby fix for the day.  I couldn't miss Sacred battling it out against Duke City to get 9th place, and for Rat City's epic fight against Denver.  BTW, I'm now a die hard fan of Anya Heels of Rat City and want to travel to Seattle to watch her skate as much as possible.  She is amazing!  But wait!  BAD Girls are going up against Rose City Rollers to see who will go to the finals in Chicago.  In the end Bay Area takes it and are going to Nationals!!  The remaining bout was Oly Rollers vs. Rocky Mountain and it was a back and forth battle for points.  Skill against skill, pack play getting adjusted by each team often for Rocky Mountain Roller Girls to take the win against the undefeated Oly Rollers!  Talk about an historic weekend!

 B.A.D. Girls lining up against Rocky Mountain on Saturday.  They really gave it their all, but RMRG took it in the end.

During the half as the next team warms up, there were a lot of fast paced derby girls on the track.

My badge that got me back stage and anywhere else I wanted during the tournament.  I kept this bad boy as a souvenir.

In the end, the dishes were done, laundry washed and put away, bathroom cleaned and I did a whole lot of knitting on husband's scarf.  Also, I now have access to all the bouts on Sunday for the next 90 days if I want to watch any of them over again, which I just might.  Who wants to come over for a viewing party??


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