Pirate Halloween Fun

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friends of ours spend weeks working on their pirate theme display for their front yard for Halloween and this year they asked Tate to play a part for the display. They wanted him to come over, dress up as a pirate and film some cute little jokes that would be projected as part of the Halloween extravaganza. So, Friday night we headed out to their house, had some yummy tiki drinks and filmed Tate doing his pirate gig. He did a great job and created a character all his own. I was also able to give Cap'n Sal the apron that I had embroidered with pirate goodness to her. I had spent quite a while on this apron and it turned out so awesome and she loved it!

The next night, we headed back to their place for their Halloween party and Mark was still setting up the last of the decorations including the projection of pirate Tate, but Sal was already in her pirate gear, so I made sure to get a picture of her in her pirate gear wearing the pirate apron. So much piraty goodness I just couldn't handle it. We had such a fun time hanging out watching everything come to life in the front yard. There are pirate skeletons everywhere, treasure chests, cannons, talking skeletons, the house is on fire, there are multiple fog machines, fireflies in the trees and the skeleton ship captain is in front of a stormy sea. Finally later in the evening, pirate Tate came to life and we saw him projected onto a screen and could hear his silly pirate jokes, it was so awesome to see it come to life. I told them this is what happens when you have a pirate that is also an IT/AV geek. Wonderful things come to life. The rest of the evening was filled with fun conversation, a super strong zombie drink, and good old fashioned fun. Thanks Mark and Sal for a wonderful pirate experience and adding Tate into your amazing Halloween display.


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