What a day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yesterday ended up being one hell of an emotional day for me. My best friend had asked me to come over to her house for some emotional support because she had to put her beloved dog down. Miss Landrey Mars was our first baby. Emiley got her when we were living together in Sacramento in an apartment and we spent the next year raising her together. From walks and runs in the field across the street, to taking her to obedience classes, we did it all. Emiley and I split ways and had some differences, but in the last few years we have pulled our heads out of our butts and gotten back to where we left things. As best friends, so when she called and needed me I was there.

I took off a half day at work to head over to house and be with her. Poor Landrey has been suffering from cancer for a few months and her cheek was very swollen, she didn't want to move or do anything. She even smelled like rotting flesh. Luckily, Em's vet was wonderful and came to the house making it an even more special moment. She was very respectful and reassured us that it was the best thing to do and the final gift to her for all that she had given us. We said our goodbyes and Emiley held her paw as the vet gave her a sedative to make her go to sleep, then she gave her the final injection. She was very peaceful and finally pain free. We cried, and hugged and felt the emotions we were supposed to, but did not feel bad about the decision that was made. Emiley did what was best for a dog that had lived much longer than she should have. At 14 years old, not many mastiff/rottweilers are still around and we were grateful for that extra time. I was happy I was able to be there and share the moment with them and say goodbye to one of the best dogs I have ever had the pleasure of being with. Landrey Mars, you will be missed but you will be remembered for a very, very long time.


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