The Good, the Bad and the Grinchy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I know my posts have been few and far between, and I guess it's because life has really gotten away from me lately. I've been so busy between Thanksgiving, which I love and now Christmas, which for this year, not so much.

Let's start with Thanksgiving... It went great this year. I had my whole second family over (bestie, her daughter, mom, dad, and grandma) and we went to town. Tate smoked our huge turkey that his boss had bought him, then he also bar-b-qued a duck. Both turned out excellent. I made stuffing, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, cranberry-pineapple sauce, roasted green beans with garlic, and Tate made a TON of different breads from rolls in jars to loaves of Irish soda bread and much more. My auntie brought corn casserole and we were set! Everyone dug in and ate themselves sick. It was wonderful! There was good wine, fun conversation and it was a night that I will treasure. My bestie and her daughter were staying the night, so after dinner we all plopped down in the living room until there was that slight bit of room for desert. I had made caramel apple pie and my bestie made some awesome baklava. Oh the gluttony! The rest of the night was spent drinking, laughing and having one of the best Thanksgivings ever. After growing up not enjoying this holiday at all, I am very grateful for being able to host it at my house and invite people who I know will enjoy it as much as we do and just be able to relax and have a good time.

The table all set and ready for a good time. :)

The food!!!

My plate, ready to be dug into. YUM!

Tate enjoying his turkey leg Elizabethan style. LOL

The aftermath, too full to move.

With Thanksgiving finished, it was time to start to focus on Christmas, but all I wanted to do was go back and do Thanksgiving again. I knew this year was going to be hard, but I don't think I had (or have) dealt with it. This is the first Christmas in my 38 years of being on this planet that I won't be sharing it with my parents. We are going through some issues right now and it just didn't seem right to spend the holiday either fighting or pretending all was well. All of this has left me with no Christmas spirit at all, unfortunately. I have managed to get lights on the house with help of one of our neighbors, I have turned the mudroom into an homage to the movie Elf with paper snowflakes and paper chains everywhere. It really does look pretty great. I've gotten all of the Christmas decorations up, picked up the tree, Tate helped get it in the stand, then I put the lights on it. I still need to finish decorating the tree, but I've gotten all of this done and still could basically care less. I feel horrible about this. I want to be happy for Christmas. I normally love Christmas and watch all the movies, listen to Christmas music non-stop, and do everything I can to bring cheer to those around me, but this year I feel like the Grinch. I'm waiting for a bunch of Whos to start singing and make my heart grow three sizes in one day. LOL!

We are hosting a Christmas party on Saturday and all I feel is the stress of having to get everything done for it. Tate was supposed to help on his days off, but ended up not feeling well after his dentist appointment (a reaction from the novacain) and I'm the one left to get everything done. Luckily we are doing a potluck, but we still want to have some stuff for our guests. Not to mention the house needs to be cleaned, dog beds washed, tree decorated, table cleaned, errands run, yada, yada, yada. Maybe I need some St. John's Wort to get me through these grumps. I need something because all I want to do is go home and be with the hubby and leave the world behind. Oh sigh... Well, I will update with party pics and how everything went. Hopefully this will kick start me into being in a better mood for the holidays. I'm off now for my office holiday party, yeah, not looking forward to it, but I'll put on my happy face and make nice with others. Sorry for the Grinchy post, but I tried to warn ya! :~D


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