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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sorry for the last entry that seemed like a whine-a-palooza, but Christmas this last year was very stressful and I really had no Christmas spirit. That being said, it was a wonderful time. Our party was a hit and everyone had fun, Christmas eve was spent at the bestie's house where Santa made a surprise visit, then Christmas day was spent at home for the first time with just the husband and I. We got up early to open presents and see what gifts Santa had left us, then made a wonderful breakfast and put a pork shoulder on the smoker for dinner. We watched movies all day in our jammies and there was wrapping paper on the floor until the next day.

I went to town decorating for Christmas making our mud room my homage to the movie Elf with paper snowflakes everywhere. It was pretty cool!

After Christmas life went back to normal for us with very little time together. Tate's work schedule was not vibing with mine, and other than Christmas and New Year's we haven't really had any days off together. This makes it rough for us, but we are dealing as best we can and know that it will change again soon. The good part of having no days off together is that the house is staying relatively clean and we are getting some projects done. Tate made me the promised canning jar chandelier that I had asked him to make me to replace a horrid 80's style lamp in our kitchen and it turned out awesome! It's even connected to the light switch making it ever so rad. My husband is quite handy to have around the house to help with all of those crazy crafty ideas I come up with. :~)

Along with the chandelier, I did some canning of my own due to the fact that I had found some blackberries on sale and had some frozen raspberries to go with them. I made some seriously yummy jam and some jalapeno jelly at the same time since I had found some jalapeno's buried in the freezer just waiting to be made into that hot/sweet nectar of goodness.

Getting my jam on.

The total of an afternoon's work.

Time's are still rough around our house. There are no days off together in sight for the next week that we know of and I have a 3 day weekend looking me in the face this weekend and am thinking of more canning. It takes time and gets my mind off the fact that I don't have my husband and friend there to spend the day with. Funny, I lived alone for so long of my life, and I did well. I had things I did and never felt lonely, but now I count the hours until I get to see him again even if it is for a few short hours in the evening before bed.

This weekend's plan is to try out some new canning recipes. I've found a couple that sound really good and I'm going to try my hand at it. Not sure if I'll make it through everything but here's my list:
  • Hard cider jelly made with Fox Barrel Currant Cider
  • Red wind jelly
  • Cranberry/Pineapple jam (modified from my cranberry sauce I make for Thanksgiving just for the husband)
  • Pomegranate Champagne jelly
  • Bacon Bourbon jam (again, just for the husband)
  • Sri Lankan Mustard (hey, it's mustard, how bad can it be?)
Wish me luck and let's hope for the best!  Until next time.


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