It's a foodie Easter

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We tried so very hard. So very, very hard to make it a lazy Easter Sunday. But the food called our names. It started with my alarm going off at 7am for me to put the pork shoulder on the smoker for dinner. Waking up that early on a Sunday is not a good thing, and having to handle raw meat that early is even worse, but knowing the goodness that will come of it makes it all worth while. Once I had the smoker cleaned up and heating, I got the pork nicely seasoned down with a good rub, watered down my wood chips, and dropped that bad boy on the smoker for a nice slow cook and headed back to bed, but of course I couldn't go to sleep, so I just laid there until husband woke up and was ready to start his day.

Next business for the day was breakfast. Given this was a holiday and the only day we have off together it has to be good, but our fixin's weren't that great so I decided to dig a box of beignets from the Cafe du Monde out of the pantry that we got for Christmas one year and make those. A little more involved than I wanted it to be, but they turned out puffy, powdery and pleasant!

Now that we were satiated with sugar and fried goodness, I thought our day was going to be spent on the couch watching bad tv, but husband decided that we needed rosemary bread for the week and honey rolls to go with the pulled pork I was making. While he was baking away getting his dough ready to rise, I was playing on the internet and found a recipe for a honey chipotle bbq sauce that sounded perfect for the pulled pork. When I informed husband of my want to make said bbq sauce, he informed me that he just used up the last of the honey, so a trip to the market was in order.

We decided to go together, because that is what you do when neither of you want to go to the store, you make it a group adventure. Running to the local ghetto mart should have been in and out, get the honey and be done with it, but no, not us, we have to browse. I spotted some yummy looking avocados and tomatoes that I decided had to be made into guacamole that day and Tate found black beans that just called to be made into chili. Having our now basket full of items ready to go, and yes we did remember to get the honey, we headed back home with a whole new batch of projects for the day. "What happened to my quiet, lazy Sunday??"

Guacamole was made for lunch along side a big yummy salad and Tate made his rosemary bread, maple rolls and chili. I made the bbq sauce and the pork was removed from the smoker and pulled for an amazing sandwich for dinner served with one of Tate's home made dill pickles. It wasn't the Sunday I had planned, but it was a Sunday I won't soon forget and knowing that we will eat for a long time off of what we made that day makes it that much better.


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