It's only a scratch

Friday, June 3, 2011

This has been some week and I am very glad it's Friday. We had a bit of an event Wednesday evening when I went to do dishes and noticed that the water was running low on pressure. I went to the backyard thinking that the husband had left a hose on to water one of the fruit trees only to find a fountain where our water spout used to be, the backyard flooded and happy wet dogs everywhere. Not knowing what to do, I got the dogs inside, put on my garden shoes and went tromping out into the wet and the mud. Nothing could be fixed out there, the pipe had snapped from being so rusted since it was so old. The only shut off valve I knew of was at the front of the house and would turn off the water to the whole house, so I turned it off and left dishes in the sink un-done hoping husband would be home soon. He was riding his 12 mile ride home on his bike and I knew there was no way to get in touch. Luckily when he got home, he knew of a hidden valve in the laundry room that cuts the water to the backyard so we were able to restore water to the house and the dishes got clean! Hazzah!! Of course, we're still left with the broken pipe in the backyard, but that's a project for the weekend and we'll take care of that soon.

Let's continue our journey to Thursday night. I'm at home happily waiting for husband to call me to say he's leaving work and on his way home when the phone rings and instead of Tate on the other end it's his manager, Eric calling to say that Tate has a pretty good cut on his head, they can't get the bleeding to stop to see how bad it is and they don't want him driving home. Oh boy. I get my stuff together to go fetch him when Tate calls me back saying it's not that bad, but his boss is going to take him to the doctor's office to have it checked out since it's a workman's comp issue. Now I am left at home waiting for a phone call to find out where he's going to end up, how bad things are and what is going on. About an hour later he calls and tells me where he is and I'm off to fetch him out in Citrus Heights.

I arrive at the doc-in-a-box to find Tate sitting in the waiting room, a bloody paper towel from the bathroom in the shop on his head covered in dried blood. Other than the mess, he actually looked pretty good and just irritated he was there and had to go through the hassle. The bleeding had stopped by that time and I could see that it really wasn't too bad of a cut, but since it's a head would it bled like a mother! I finally got around to asking him how it happened and he said just what I had suspected, banged his head on a bike hanging in the warehouse. So finally after about another half an hour wait they call him in to see the doctor and I'm left in the waiting room. Luckily I remember that I had my knitting bag in the car so have craft will travel got her knit on while she was waiting for Tate to get out of the doctor's office.

An hour later, he comes out finally cleaned up with a couple little steri-strips on his head and we are free to go. We both are in bad need of a beer and I'm starving at this point because I hadn't eaten dinner so we decide to go to our favorite sushi place since it was 99cent saki night. Luckily, the day ended well with yummy sushi, beers and saki, great conversation and husband only left with a little scratch. Let's hope tonight is just a quiet night at the homestead.

Tate's bandaged head. All that worry and waiting for a couple little bandaids.


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