Goofing off makes for a fun weekend

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not much has been accomplished this weekend around our house other than lots of fun. There's housework to be done, a kitchen to be cleaned, laundry to be laundered and a guinea pig cage to be cleaned. But what have we done? Goofed off, plain and simple. Saturday we slept in then decided a breakfast at Eggies was needed. After breakfast, we came home to "rest up" for our big outing of the day which was to go to the mermaid parade held in Old Sacramento.
   Click here to view photos from the event.

Lots of great costumes and a fun little time in Old Sac.

After all of the action of watching mermaids go by, husband was ready for lunch and since is was past 2p, I agreed and off to Flaming Grill we went. One of our favorite places to go for some of the best burgers in town! We enjoyed our jalapeno jack burgers (he had boar, I had the ostrich) then went to our friend's house to drop off some mango bread husband had made to share. We visited for a while then decided we had had quite the busy day and needed to go home. Nothing better than getting absolutely nothing done, but having a great time doing it.

This morning we got up, got our act together and headed downtown for a custom bike show. Lots of fun and very cool bikes to look at and of course take pictures of.

It's still early and the last day of the weekend, so I suppose I should get going and get some stuff done. Kitchen, here I come! Happy weekend everyone!


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