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Thursday, July 14, 2011

WOW, more than a month has gone by since I last updated this thing. I really need to do better and keep up on it. Since my last post we've had ups, downs, spin arounds and everything else in between. June was scheduled to be vacation month with family fun. Husband's parents were scheduled to come out in late June for a nice long visit and both he and I had put in vacation days for a much needed break. Well, Sunday before they are due to show up we receive a phone call from Tate's mom telling us they can't make the trip because she has broken her foot and needs to stay off of it for several weeks. None the less, we were devastated. Of course we felt bad for his mom having to deal with a broken foot, but we were also selfish and sad that our vacation was now kaput. We hadn't seen them since our wedding and with our finances the way they are we don't know when we will be able to go to Chicago to see them. Putting a brave face on we decided to keep our vacation days as scheduled and just have a nice stay-cation at home and have some much needed playtime.

The day before our vacation is to start I get a call from Tate telling me he just got laid off. No reason was given and, in fact, his manager said he disagreed with the owner on this decision saying he's doing a great job but the owner wants "to go in a different direction." BOOM, another slap in the face! Needless to say, my vacation started a few hours early so I could go pick him and his stuff up at work since he had ridden that day.

We made the decision that since we had planned to go on vacation to stick with that and deal with "the real world" when our vacation was up. I decided this was the perfect time for an over night up at Apple Hill like we always wanted to and booked us a night at The Camino Hotel so the next morning we got up and started our vacation heading up the hill for some fun times.

We stopped at our favorite deli in downtown Sac for some sandwiches and then hit the road. Our first stop as always was Jodar. We love that place and they love us. (at least that's what they tell us. LOL!) We left Lisa (the manager) with a jar of my blueberry jam as a thank you for yummy wines and headed over to Jack Russell for lunch. The day was perfect for sandwiches and beers on the grass.

After a nice long relaxing lunch basking in the sun and enjoying ourselves we headed out for more wine tasting and visiting with our Apple Hill friends. We had another pause in the day when we decided to share a bottle of wine at Lava Cap and the people next to us even gave us cookies!

As the day wore on we decided it was time to check into the hotel for a bit of a rest and maybe some water after all that drinking and wine tasting we had been doing. LOL! We headed to the hotel to find the cutest B&B I have been to since I was in Ireland. Since it was mid-week, we had the place to ourselves and the owner had actually driven from the bay area to open the place for us since her innkeeper was on vacation. We got a tour of the hotel and a pick of any room we wanted. The room we chose was cramped with a tall king size bed, but had a nice spacious bathroom with a claw foot tub. Once settled in our room, we freshened up and walked across the street to the Forrester Grill and had some dinner with the best onion rings I've had in a very long time.

After dinner we went back up to Jack Russell to hang out in the sunshine on the grass one more time and watch people play corn hole. Talk about a relaxing day that ended with me falling asleep back at our hotel around 8pm. The next morning we were treated with a wonderful breakfast of fruit, toast, eggs, sausage and a potato and cheese creation that was yum-tastic! We slowly got our act into gear and checked out of the hotel to make our way back home.

The rest of our vacation was spent having fun around the house, going to the Friday night concert in the park where I ran into an old friend who we grew up across the street from each other. Went to our first roller derby bout in a very long time with some friends that we met there when we first started dating and ran into more friends at the bout making for a very fun night. Not to mention our team kicked some serious roller derby butt! We spent a day in the pool with the bestie and I came home with a nice bright red back to show for it. All in all it was a great vacation even though it started off filled with disappointments.


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