To the rabbit hole

Friday, August 12, 2011

The parking lot where I work is located in an alley and therefore is not the "shiny" side of the street. Several months ago, I noticed some interesting graffiti on the back of the building that is behind our parking lot. A cute little bunny. He just sat there on the corner of the building like he was meant to watch over the alley.

This morning, as I looked over to make sure our little friend was still there and doing his duty, I noticed something new. He now had a home to go to at night. A small door was placed on the side of the building and you could see his little rabbit foot prints make their way from the door to his place of vigil where he stands during the day.

This little bit of "vandalism" or artistic creativity made my morning and brought a ray of sunshine into an otherwise gloomy day. So, thank you to who ever you are that decided to add some whimsy to our world. We need more of it in these dark times and it sure does help.


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